Vegetarian Food Festival 2013


The #1 reason why right now is the most wonderful time of the year: It’s the weekend of the Toronto Vegetarian Food Festival!

Although the festival is just finishing up its 29th year, I was only introduced to it two years ago shortly after going vegan. The festival features vendors of all kinds from food to animal rights activists, to cooking demonstrations, and more. I’m always pleased to see a large gathering of people there, in increasing numbers each year.

It’s held at the Harbourfront Centre in Toronto—a beautiful, open space. It’s really an ideal place to hold an event like this.

IMG_1252 IMG_1260

My friends and I usually (read: always) end up eating and buying far more than we should but… it’s a special time of year, after all. It’s so hard to resist!

We spent Saturday perusing each and every corner of the festival in the rain. I forgot an umbrella, and my friend brought a half-broken one… we’re very coordinated, you see. Despite the weather we still made it, got a look at every stand, and even watched a cooking demo by Allyson Kramer!


I stocked up on spices! The prices are traditionally lower at the festival than they are at a store so I try to take advantage of it.


The most exciting thing for me was these vegan, gluten-free, nut-free bagels! There were a few flavours, but I was tempted by the blueberry. My favourite late-summer breakfast growing up was a blueberry bagel with raspberry jam and a sliced peach layered on top. Having that again is really special.

Is there a favourite product out there that you have either found/are looking to find a replacement for, or have re-created yourself?



  1. I usually re-create everything that I miss, because I rarely find products that suit my intolerances. But I love cooking and baking anyway, so that´s a win-win :)

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