How can I possibly be upset when I’ve had a farmers’ market haul today? (and this is only half of it)

With all those beautiful colours and fragrances dancing around the kitchen, I should be at ease. But I’m not. And although I’m still getting over this cold, that’s not the fuel for my irritation.

Ever had to deal with a friend or family member who was (or still is) dead-set against your lifestyle? Or simply, something that is important to you?


The above is a photo of my brunch from today. My parents and I took a two-hour drive to see my brother in Kitchener and check out the St Jacobs Market… ah, it turns out this was a bad day for it. So much rain. I like rain, I just don’t like being out walking around in it, you see.

My birthday was on Thursday and considering I’ve been sick for a week I didn’t make cake and we didn’t go out. I’m fine with that, really. So today my parents paid for my brunch as a birthday gift.

Well, it’s fine. I initially wanted to visit a vegan cafe nearby, but found that was out of the question. My parents insisted they would only go to a place with “real food.”


Real food… what do they consider real, food? Really, this place wasn’t serving anything they should find obscure or daunting. Apparently a black bean burrito is rather scary.

I wonder what they think of all the fruits and vegetables bought today… certainly those are all vegan.


This is a vegan mousse cake my brother was kind enough to seek out and buy for me. It was delicious, and very rich (had to take a break halfway through—not a complaint, mind you).

My irritation is just that my family was so unwilling to try something “new”. And it’s always been this way, I don’t know… I thought maybe I could work them in over time. I guess now is not that time. I thought, maybe for my birthday it will be different, but it’s the same as it always is.

I wish they could see the benefits in trying new things. It doesn’t kill one to expand one’s horizons. I’ve never forced them into anything, but I’m wondering if I should have pushed for this today.



  1. Ever had to deal with a friend or family member who was (or still is) dead-set against your lifestyle? Yes, and very much so. Someone in my closer family has been criticising my choice of becoming vegan ever since the beginning, even though I was never preachy or tried to convert anyone. He hasn´t said anything in a while, but that might just be because I´m travelling, so we don´t really talk. I wouldn´t know what to say, anyway. It´s my choice, and I don´t know why people even care what I eat. So, to end on something positive: that´s why I started loving to cook and bake, and let people try and see for themselves that vegan food is not at all boring, but much rather exciting, flavourful, colourful and filling :)

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