Maybe potatoes aren’t so ick


I don’t know how I ended up with this, but I know it’s a good sign.

The scarce motivation as of late (as is always the case in the months leading to spring) has blocked out my will to do anything. Yet, today I made a meal. I usually settle for carrot sticks and fruit or whatever is lying around that afford minimal effort. Call it what it is—I’m lazy.

I don’t even like potatoes… despite that, this was a nice change. Socca is one of my favourite sides to a meal and it’s been years (therefore, far too long) since I last made it. I slightly modified both recipes from “Pure Vegan“.

Hopefully this real-deal meal thing indicates I’m pushing myself out of this hole.

NOTE: If making these together for a meal like I did, I highly recommend serving with some mixed greens on the side. I sautéed a frozen blend of rapini, spinach, chopped onion, and sliced red bell peppers, and added some red pepper flakes to give it a little kick. It’s a perfect compliment to this obscure… Mediterranean-imitation meal.


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