Happy Victoria Day, and Bakery News


If I could go back and time and tell the me of three years ago that I would soon be planning the makings of a bakery, past me would laugh in future me’s face and walk away as fast as I could. If I could go back further and tell past me I would be running my own business at 21 years old, past me would start crying about how 21 is old and does that mean I have to talk with people?

Needless to say, but it’s a good thing I’m neither of those me’s from the past anymore. This right now… it’s real. It’s a real thing that’s happening so of course I’m excited, and scared, and baking away my nerves… (pretend not to know this side of me!)

Conscientious Cookie Bakery will officially open on 1 June, but in the meantime I wanted to share this news with my food blog community. You guys have been around with me for a year now so it’s only fair, right? Speaking of food blog, I will still be posting recipes with my usual commentary, it’s just that now ConscientiousCookie.com will serve as both food blog and business website

Check out the new “Bakery” page! I’ll be updating that as the business progresses.


It’s 2014 and really…. I should be able to send food via webcam, but that hasn’t been made a thing yet, so I’ll send you the next best. It would make my day if you subscribe to Conscientious Cookie’s monthly newsletter! My entire year, even. Stay on the lookout for some special goodies arriving in your inbox. Regretfully, if I’m not able to see you in person, how about subscribing for updates and allergy-free tidbits?

Oh, I also made Facebook to make it easier to get in touch with me. I’ll get to posting some behind-the-scenes photos soon (read: showing off my favourite bakeware and washing heaps of dishes). As always, I’m on Twitter, and there’s good, old-fashioned email from the phone that is essentially attached to my apron at all times.

Alright! I totally want you all to come along with me for this step. You know that, right? We can do this!


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