Baking Advice and Tricks

5 Date Ideas


Yes, date ideas. No, this is not that kind of blog. We’re talking about the fruit. Things to do with dates, because they are versatile and delicious, so it’s only right we actively come up with new ideas on how to use them (though they are great on their own, too).

My favourite type is Medjool variety, as you have no doubt noticed if you’ve read any of the recipes on Conscientious Cookie using dates. They’re larger and sweeter than other dates. That’s why they are superior. (more…)


Adventures in Cake

Cakes give you hell. Cakes will always give you hell. Especially if you’re on a timeline or it’s a cake for a very special occasion. Because, you know, that would be frustrating. Even when you know you’ve followed a recipe correctly, there’s still that finger-crossed wait while the cake is baking, praying it rises properly and won’t sink in the middle.

Cakes can be tricky, but the stress with baking a cake is mostly in your head. Once you are familiar with your ingredients and comfortable with all that science-y stuff, making cakes is really just a… piece of cake. (more…)