Spicy Lentil Pilaf with Pineapple-Walnut Salad


What this post comes down to is me giving myself a little kick in the butt.

I have the worst habits in summer, one of which is not eating actual meals. Just snacking continually throughout the day. Actually… this habit transcends into the school year, too. It’s just me and hummus and rice cakes for the long run. (more…)


Life, Lemons, Lists

I used to dream about running a lemonade stand. Granted, it stayed fixed in Dream Land because my parents were not about the ‘buying bags of lemons and helping the 9-year old make sugary beverages’ life. This is probably where my business ideals began to form. Around something humble and fun and sweet. (more…)

Pancake Post


Actually, I’ve always been a breakfast person. Traditional breakfast foods are my favourite foods and breakfast time is my favourite time. I dream about the next day’s breakfast. It’s a serious relationship. This is why I have the hardest time understanding others who are very much not breakfast people.

You mean you don’t want to eat? You noticed the pancakes, right? Well, if you really don’t want them… I mean… (more…)