Cake, for dad


Honestly, dad’s day comes around every year and I run into the same problem: what does dad want? What does any dad want, really? (more…)


Adventures in Cake

Cakes give you hell. Cakes will always give you hell. Especially if you’re on a timeline or it’s a cake for a very special occasion. Because, you know, that would be frustrating. Even when you know you’ve followed a recipe correctly, there’s still that finger-crossed wait while the cake is baking, praying it rises properly and won’t sink in the middle.

Cakes can be tricky, but the stress with baking a cake is mostly in your head. Once you are familiar with your ingredients and comfortable with all that science-y stuff, making cakes is really just a… piece of cake. (more…)

Something for everyone


Often I get asked to explain allergen-free living to someone, and —I mean—most take it worth a grain of salt. They nod their head slow, say, “Oh, that’s so different.”/”It must be hard.”

It isn’t really, but I can understand where they’re coming from. (more…)