5 Date Ideas


Yes, date ideas. No, this is not that kind of blog. We’re talking about the fruit. Things to do with dates, because they are versatile and delicious, so it’s only right we actively come up with new ideas on how to use them (though they are great on their own, too).

My favourite type is Medjool variety, as you have no doubt noticed if you’ve read any of the recipes on Conscientious Cookie using dates. They’re larger and sweeter than other dates. That’s why they are superior. (more…)


Look what I found


Hey Mom,

I’m a day late (I’m always late, you know this). Today I went through a box of old photos and spent and hour shifting through all those funny shots of dad, and the ones of Andrew, Steph, and I together. You took so many. I made an observation that 9 times out of 10, I am with cake or some sort of food. No one ever told me to wipe my mouth. It’s tragic. I guess nothing much has changed. (more…)