Cake, for dad


Honestly, dad’s day comes around every year and I run into the same problem: what does dad want? What does any dad want, really? (more…)


Life, Lemons, Lists

I used to dream about running a lemonade stand. Granted, it stayed fixed in Dream Land because my parents were not about the ‘buying bags of lemons and helping the 9-year old make sugary beverages’ life. This is probably where my business ideals began to form. Around something humble and fun and sweet. (more…)

Look what I found


Hey Mom,

I’m a day late (I’m always late, you know this). Today I went through a¬†box of old photos and spent and hour shifting through all those funny shots of dad, and the ones of Andrew, Steph, and I together. You took so many. I made an observation that 9 times out of 10, I am with cake or some sort of food. No one ever told me to wipe my mouth. It’s tragic. I guess nothing much has changed. (more…)